Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Green Education: College of the Atlantic

Higher education in the United States today is not only unsustainable because of the price tag, but also because dorm life often involves lights on all day, peers too lazy to walk an extra ten feet to the recycle bin, and half full laundry loads in electricity guzzling washing machines. Many colleges taunt a 'green' wrapper but are really nowhere near that on the inside.

I would like to showcase a college that truly breaks the mold. One that dared to go carbon-neutral. College of the Atlantic in Maine is like a small community with common goals. With an enrollment of 321 students, embracing sustainability is easier achieved than at large universities. It is powered by low-flow renewable hydropower, uses FSC certified woods, and feeds its students local organic foods and free range meats (which they often help raise and grow themselves).

You can watch a video here about the focus and vision of College of the Atlantic. You can also check out this video for an overview of the carbon neutrality of the college.

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