Monday, December 15, 2008

Solaleya: A Dwelling Connecting to Nature

In my earlier Greenbuild reflection I promised to elaborate on what it is that intrigued me so much about Solaleya. I think the image above is enough to intrigue anyone and wonder what is that, what is it made of, and who is the architect? Solaleya homes were first designed by Patrick Marsilli and the first one was built in 1988 in France. Today there are over 130 such homes worldwide. What makes these homes so special?

"The rotation system allows your home to turn towards or away from the sun to balance inside temperature and reduce energy consumption while allowing you to have a change of scenery from your windows any time you wish.

Proven to resist against extreme high winds and earthquakes in many occurrences, our dome shaped homes provide you with the comfort and safety of an outstanding and luxurious habitat all at once." (Solaleya)

Contrary to what you may think, the total cost of a Solaleya home is not more than a typical cookie cutter McMansion in Massachusetts. If you are really looking for minimal space (retiring with no kids, singles) you can expect a range of $180,00-$230,000 for under 1,000 square feet, including construction costs. At the lower part of the range is a non-rotating home. Affordable luxury shall we name it? Of course if you want top of the line finishes, cabinets, and solar panels, expect to pay extra. From an eco-dwelling point of view there are pros and cons for Solaleya. While FCS certified wood is used, there is a lot of material involved, but at the same time it isn't a lot more than a regular house. There is very little contact with the ground, so there will never be any moisture and humidity issues. All the windows are oriented toward the sky, so natural light is utilized to the maximum. There are no awkward corners that create space that isn't usable like in a regular home. It is also very thermally efficient due to the better flow of air throughout its dome shape.


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