Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eco Friendly Radiant Heating

Many of us have forced hot air heating systems in our homes. It might have crossed your mind in the winter just how inefficient this method of heating is. Forced 'hot' air they call it? More like barely lukewarm, not to mention that the registers are often placed in the ceiling plane or high on a wall, resulting in cold drafty floors and all your heat escaping through the ceiling before it heats the room. Whoever came up with this system should be ashamed. It does not even follow any basic common sense laws of physics. Should we take into account the poor quality of indoor air that this system creates?

Fortunately there are much better alternatives, radiant heating has been a growing trend. While installation can be costly, it will pay for itself with the money you will save on heating. Radiant floor heat creates a very comfortable indoor environment, it also makes complete sense by all laws of physics. Since hot air rises, a heated floor will distribute it evenly in the entire space and you can say good bye to drafts! Moreover, this kind of heating is great for homes with kids, pets, and people with allergies as it does not create airborne pollutants.

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