Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ecotourism: Vermont Green Hotel

Park Light Inn located in Chester, VT offers Ecotourism packages and also has great winter specials. This green inn adheres to socially and ecologically responsible practices. Here is a list of some of their environmentally friendly commitments:

Carbon free reservations: Carbon free reservation system conserves energy and dramatically reduces paper consumption and waste.
Organic Amenity Products:

Guests are pampered with quality organic/vegan amenity productions including those from Vermont Soapworks.

Towel/Linen Care Program: Voluntary participation by guests reduces water waste and unnecessary detergent use.
Cleaning Supplies: Facilities are cleaned utilizing environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products and sanitizing processes.
Recycled Paper: Where ever possible we utilize and provide for our guests recycled paper products.
Reduce, Recycle, Reuse Policy: Active recycling programs address glass, bottles, newspaper, cardboard, and paper products, etc. Cloth napkins, glasses, real china and silver service are readily available to guests 24 hours – even for picnic baskets, eliminating the need for “disposables.”
Plastic reduction / elimination As opposed to bottled water, personal bedside pitchers and tumblers are provided for each guest, for use with finest Vermont water. You will find only real silver, no plastic utensils.
Energy Conservation: In addition to low-flow toilets and faucets, over 100 Compact Florescent Lamps CFL's are presently in use at the Park Light Inn. 1.6 GPM shower heads provide exhilarating shower experience while saving water.
In-room recycling bins: Guests are encouraged to participate by utilizing the convenient recycling containers placed in each room/suite. A full sized recycling sort station is also conveniently located and accessible to all guests/visitors. A full sized recycling station is located off the stone patio.
Local/Organic Refreshments:

Our coffees are locally roasted, decaf is chemical free water processed. We are actively working with our service providers to increase organic and fair trade selections of beverages and snacks.

Donation programs: Magazines and items/furnishings no longer needed ( but in good condition ), are donated to local charities.
Energy Star: Energy Star appliances are found throughout including LCD flat-screen TVs in guest suites.
Automobile Free Travel: Shuttle and guided tour service year round.
Renewable Energy A collaboration wth CVPS allows the inn to provide a portion of it's energy using COW POWER – which is not only a sustainable energy source, the program supports Vermont Farmers.

Their Winter Wonderland Romance Package includes: thee days/two nights lodging (minimum), refreshments upon arrival, a three course gourmet breakfast, one candlelight dinner served prepared by your own personal chef, snowshoeing at the ponds, and a private horse drawn sleigh ride (holiday blackouts apply) starting at $289 per person.

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Guillaume Foutry said...

Thanks for the info. Vermont seems to be an amazing place regarding greenness. Wish I could go there.