Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New President: Green Economy

With Barack Obama in office, as Van Jones put "the first 'green' president", the window of opportunity for renewable energy can finally be opened more than just an inch. The highlight and focus of Greenbuild 2008 in Boston was the Green Economy, now it can become reality. With the current economy crisis, energy is one of the spring points that can create jobs and jump start this country if it is executed in a wise and thought out manner.

California is already at the forefront of this solution with companies researching and producing renewable energy technology that demonstrates performance surpassing what was previously thought possible. New jobs are created and workers are trained in things such as solar panel or wind turbine installation. The task ahead is not easy, it requires determination and perseverance, but no longer can the US rely on other countries for its energy needs. The payback on the investment in renewable energy will not be seen in an instant - that would be too easy. It will take a few years, years that many small businesses do not have, yet it seems to be the only solution that can address several problems at once.

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