Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Solar Revolutionizes the Camping Experience

If you went camping lately you might have some inconveniences of the trip still lingering in your mind. Sure, a lot of us love camping for that experience - cooking on an open fire, reading in your tent after dark with a flashlight, and other pleasant oddities. Design has its ways of affecting all areas of life, camping included. Great design has been reshaping camping as we know it and inspiring city dwellers to get out and play without leaving all the conveniences of home.

The new Orange Solar Concept Tent will someday make your camping trip a lot more comfortable. Although the unknown price tag might make it inaccessible to the average camper, it is a great idea nonetheless. By weaving solar threads into conventional fabric, the solar tent will gather energy throughout the day and provide a variety of ways to use that energy. How about some heat from the tent's groundsheet? A charging pouch for mobile phones and other devices? Care for some light in the evening hours of camping? A modern camping experience to say the least.

Another camping convenience that is already available on the market is the Hot Pot Simple Solar Cooker. With some help from the sun, cook or heat your favorite meals without the need for electricity. All you need to do is set it up in full sunlight and within an hour you'll have an oven to use for up to 6 hours. Hey, who needs to go camping, you can do this right in your backyard! It comes with a 5.3 quart enameled steel pot for all your cooking needs. At a temperature of 350 - 400 degrees you can make stews, bake anything to your liking, or heat up previously cooked food. Great news for those of you living off grid - such a handy invention!

On a side note, if you are going camping, I highly recommend investing a few bucks in Bug Bam, read my full review of it here!

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scifichick said...

That tent looks pretty cool! Though I wonder how much space it would take up when stored.