Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life for your walls

Do you have a large empty wall persistently looming over your living room, bedroom, or formal entry? While a big block of solid paint might be minimalist and modernly attractive, chances are that it could portray much more life and character than it currently does. I know, you've just never found the time or money to spend looking for that artwork that you feel is 'just right'. The hand me down or yard sale find that is stored in your garage just does not cut it. A few tips for finding that perfect one:

1. Decide on a style and genre: is it modern, impressionist, are you an Art Deco lover; do you have a weakness for landscapes, seascapes, animals, abstract objects, flowers?
2. Decide on a medium: a photograph will give a very different impression from an original oil painting for example
3. Your budget: while an original oil might be out of your wallet's reach, and a print looks too cheap, look into affordable yet valued techniques such as giclee; also you would be surprised what some local art students are capable of - you might even discover a future Michelangelo.
4. Size: Don't ever let your budget dictate the size, it should only be based on the amount of wall space you have. You would not want to place an 8 x 10 framed photograph on an empty wall that is 20 feet wide in a room with 9 foot ceilings. But, you can tastefully collage several smaller pieces framed with matting to take up more space on a large wall.
5. Work with the color present in the room: Stick to colors that compliment whatever is already in the room (if you room is a complete mish mash of color we have a different problem here). If your room is rather neutral, select artwork that brings in color to bring the room to life and create a focal point. If you room is rather colorful as is, you might want a more neutral painting/print, perhaps even a black and white photograph would do the trick.

The painting above by Afremov may serve as some inspiration for creating your own art display in your home.

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